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There are many businesses that retail different types of guitars. Similarly, there are numerous guitar brands available in the market and all of them are promoted as the best. However, it is quite obvious that not all guitars are the same and varying product qualities exist. It is therefore upon you to make necessary considerations and thoroughly compare notes when looking to purchase any king of guitar. Here is a detailed description of how to choose the best electric guitar under 1000$ including types, what to look for, things to avoid and examples of top brands.

best electric guitar reviews for beginner

How to Choose an electric guitar

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As aforementioned, there are many electrical guitars available in the market today and finding one should never be an overwhelming experience. However, the large number of available options can make landing the best guitar a daunting task for many. Fortunately, there are various attributes that distinguish best guitars from others. Here are some insights and tips that will help you find the best instrument within your budget range.

Who are you buying for? – When choosing guitars for beginners, you want something simple that stays in tune and provides the kind of sound that players are attracted to. Find out what preferences the player has and ensure the size fits perfectly.
Guitar body – There are three main body types used for electric guitars and each has independent benefits and properties. The solid body guitars are the most common and are designed with a solid wooden slab. They can range from simple single-pickup to ornately decorated multi-pickup models. The other body type is hollow guitars which are those with hollow space like acoustics. Most hollow guitars include an arch top and are preferred for jazz music for their rich tones and deep bass. The last body type is semi-hollow, which is much like the solid guitar, except for its increased resonance. They feature a center wooden block and are mostly loved by blues players for their warm tunes.

How the guitar works – Although models and styles vary, all electrical guitars work on the same conventional principle. They use a pickup mounted on the body function and vibrations are transmitted via a preamp circuit and then to an amplifier. The important features to consider include type of pickup, strings and tone controls.

Electronics and pickups – These two have a great influence on the way an electrical guitar will sound. The original pickup model is single-coil pickup which consists of one magnet with fine wires wrapped around it. While these pickups produce crisp bright sound, they are prone to magnetic interference and will also result in hum. Hambucker pickups are the alternative options that were designed to deal with hum. They have two magnetic coils and the polarity is arranged in opposite direction. They produce thicker louder sounds and are less popular. Active pickups are another option designed with batteries as energy sources. These pickups usually feature extra characteristics like equalizers, filters and preamp reshaping. They produce higher cleaner sound and have higher output than most magnetic pickups.
Scale length – This basically refers to the length of the guitar string and measures from the bridge to the nut. Longer strings offer more tension and tighter feel which results in brighter shimmer while short strings have less tension and are more bendable. They offer warmer tones and are perfect for those with small hands. Guitars have varying scale length although the most commonly used range in 23.5 inches – 26 inches. Renowned guitars have their scales around 25 inches.

Other considerations to make include neck construction, tone-woods, tuning machines, bridges and tailpieces, intonation, number of frets and type of finish.

electric guitar reviews for beginnerElectric guitar brands

There are many guitar brands available in the market and price could be the list factor that determines how good the instrument will play. The Gibson guitar has been known to offer the best sound due to their heavy wood. As a matter of fact, the best recorded sound is created by Gibson Les Pail. Another reputable brand is Fender which has been the prime competition for Gibson brands. Other top brands include Ibanez, Epiphone, Paul Reed Smith, ESP, Jackson, Yamaha, B.C Rich and Schecter.


Best Electric Guitar From 1000$ Hot!

1. Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric guitar, Maple Fretboard-2- Color Sunburst

Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric guitar reviews
Are you looking for a high-end guitar that is easy to play and produces incredible sounds when played? If yes, then the Fender American special Stratocaster, Maple Fretboard-2-Color Sunburst is the ultimate solution for your music needs. This uniquely designed and crafted guitar comes with excellent features that make it not only easy to play but also produce the best sounds. Notable features in the guitar include:

  •  9.5” freeboard radius, a unique neck(satin finished) and Jumbo frets-These features allow for easy string bending as well as give a fast and modern feel to the player.
  • Comes with Texas Special pickups that enable the guitar to deliver classic & contemporary tones that are ideal for music genres such as Country, Blues, Pop and Rock.
  • An alder body for a comfortable feel when playing the guitar.
  • Additional features such as a Grease-bucket tone circuit that allows the player to roll off high frequencies while at the same time not adding bass. In addition to this, the guitar also comes with a high quality deluxe Fender gig bag.

The guitar prides itself in producing incredible sounds that are characterized by loud and high punch notes. What’s more amazing about this guitar is that it has an average weight and as such, it’s not too heavy or too light thus making it possible to handle the guitar with great ease while playing it. Its very smooth neck gives a appealing feel to the hands of the player. See more reviews and price of Fender American Special Stratocaster

Fender American Special Telecaster Electric guitar, Maple Fretboard 2. Fender American Special Telecaster Electric guitar, Maple Fretboard (Olympic White)

The Fender American Special Telecaster , Maple Fretboard is the best example and definition of what a high quality guitar is. The guitar comes with some of the best feature combinations that any music instrument can have. This is because the guitar perfectly blends great sound clarity and a classic appearance to give guitarists and musicians the best musical instrument to enable them do what they love most. With an alder body that is wrapped with a unique gloss urethane finish, the maple neck in the guitar is topped with an excellent looking maple fingerboard that adds a little spank to the guitar. The jumbo frets in this special Telecaster allows guitarists to bend the guitar easily with passion while playing their favorite tones.

The guitar comes with two tuning keys that include fender standard cast and sealed tuning machines and an outstanding vintage style 3 (saddle strings through body) bridge for easy handling of the guitar. Other features that make the guitar a great purchase include 2 Texas Special Humbuckers (Pickups), 3-position blade and a master volume knob. Read more about Fender American Special Telecaster electric guitar

3. Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar –Gloss Black

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar –Gloss BlackThe Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Guitar is a special type of guitar that is designed for pro guitarists. This guitar allows its players to play any tone or sound without having to make any modifications whatsoever on the guitar.With majority of the guitar’s external parts being made using mahogany, the guitar is not only pretty in appearance but is also easy to hold while playing. The rosewood fretboard on this guitar comes with 24 extra jumbo frets and unique cross inlays that give the guitar an edgy look.

  • A Ultra access set-neck
  • Quilted maple top
  •  EMG active pickups

The active EMG humbuckers (81TW and 89 humbuckers in the guitar) deliver a one of a kind set of crushing electric guitar tones that will impress any metal artists. You can use the push/pull volume keys in the guitar to activate as many single-coil sounds as you want. Other features of the guitar include:

The string through body design of the guitar makes it easy to tune the guitar irrespective of how hard you are playing your guitar. This allows even the best and most experienced guitarists to play any tunes they want without experiencing any difficulties when shifting from one tone to the other. You can also use this guitar to build your guitar playing skills as it is very easy to use thus making it ideal for beginners. Read more reviews and reviews of Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar

4. 2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage Sunburst electric guitar

2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage Sunburst electric guitarThe 2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage Sunburst is one of the most recently designed and manufactured guitars. Made using top notch technology, the guitar allows its players to do virtually anything that other guitars can not enable them to do as far as playing the best tones is concerned. The guitar has a mahogany body that features a slim taper neck with a rosewood fingerboard decorated using dot pearl inlays. The guitar’s hardware is a specially crafted nickel lightening wrap around the tailpiece that comes with exclusive P-90ST Dog Ear Humbuckers (pickups) that come with alnico slugs.

The 2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage Sunburst being one of the latest guitar releases in the music industry prides itself in having some of the finest features. These features include a comprehensive setup that provides a silky smooth feel for easy bending and improved intonation while playing. In addition to this, the guitar also has more robust cables for stronger signal strength and improved contact (output) jack for secure contact and an uninterrupted signal. Read more about 2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior Vintage Sunburst 

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5. Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth Electric Guitar

Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth Electric GuitarDean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth Electric Guitar is one of the best soild-body electric guitars currently in use in the music industry. Designed and made by the leading manufacturer of musical instruments Dean Guitars, the guitar provides guitarists with the best and most unique guitar playing experience. The guitar features a full 2 octave-24-fret neck that is factory set for the best fast low action as well as easy access to upperboard frets. It also comes with an exclusive string -thro- body design for easy playability and sustainability.

Other outstanding features in the Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth Electric Guitar include a D shaped mahogany bound neck, Inlays-Pearl Sharks Tooth, Ebony fingerboard, Grover tuners, Custom graphics, Black hardware and a Tune Omatic bridge among other high end features. This is a guitar for all; the experienced guitarists and beginner guitar players. Its great ease of play makes it ideal for newbies to use it to polish their guitar playing skills and build their mastery on this one of a kind music instrument. Read more about Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine  Electric Guitar


Guitar is one of the most popular and loved musical instrument in the world for many reasons. From the simplicity of learning how to play to the mellow sounds produced, guitars can evoke positive emotions and provide flavor to any instrumental. When looking for high quality electrical guitars, buy from credible licensed distributors who have a reputation of providing original quality only. This guide will help you chose a guitar that meets all your requirements and limitations.